Water Heater Replacement Or Water Heaters Repair In Springfield VA

by | Jun 15, 2016 | Plumbing Services

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The water heater isn’t an appliance many people think of often. Though it’s used everyday, it’s not obvious like the dishwasher, washing machine or dryer, but when it malfunctions, it’s missed immediately. Nobody wants to wash greasy dishes in cold water or take a cold shower before bed. Some hot water heaters are placed in the garage, but others are located in the back of a master bedroom closet or in the basement and not seen on a daily basis. Some malfunctions are noticed when the homeowner realizes there is no hot water, but other malfunctions are discovered when the hot water heater begins to leak, flooding the garage, closet or basement. When a problem is realized, it’s usually recommended to call a plumbing service that offers water heaters repair in Springfield, VA. Depending on the problem, the water heater can either be repaired, or it will have to be replaced.

Water heaters usually last 8 – 12 years. If the unit is close to that age, most plumbers will recommend replacing the unit, as it’s only a matter of time before another issue will arise. If the water heater is relatively new and not heating, it could be something as simple as the thermostat or heating element. Repairs such as these are not too expensive and usually worth the repair. If the water heater is leaking, the prognosis usually isn’t as good. Of course, there are a few minor problems that could cause a leak and be worth fixing. A loose connection or valve may be the culprit, and they are easily tightened or replaced, but if the leak is coming from a corroded tank, it’s most likely time to replace the entire unit. For an issue such as that, a water heaters repair in Springfield, VA won’t be recommended.

No leak should be ignored. If any water is noticed near the hot water heater, it’s best to contact a plumber, such as one from AllPlumbing.com to determine where the leak originates. A leaking hot water heater wastes water, can pose a risk of electrical shock and can damage walls and floors, and cause mold to grow. Don’t risk additional damage. Unplug the unit, if possible, and call a plumber for assistance.

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