Is It Time for New Water Heaters Installation in Reno NV?

by | Jun 16, 2016 | Plumbing

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The water heater in virtually every home is relied on daily, yet taken for granted. Washing dishes, taking a shower and even washing clothes are tasks most people don’t give a second thought too. They simply open the tap and expected warm water to come forth. However, if something goes wrong, there is no question that homeowner’s notice. In some cases, issues with water heaters can be repaired; however, in other situations, it will be time to think about new water heaters installation in Reno NV. Some signs that purchasing a new unit is necessary can be found here.


If water has begun to leak out of a water heater, this is a bad sign. While the problem may be a quick fix, such as a damaged hose or one that has become loose, it could also be that the water heater has become rusted and is no longer able to hold water. If this is the case, then there is no question that new Water Heaters Installation in Reno NV will be necessary. Continuing to try and use a unit that is leaking water is not only inefficient, it can also be dangerous, especially if it is an electric unit.

No Hot Water

Perhaps the most obvious sign that it may be time for a new hot water heater is if there is no hot water being produced. While the issue could be simple in this situation, as well, such as a burnt out element, it may also indicate that a water heater has reached the end of its useful life. If the unit simply cannot heat up water anymore, then looking into purchasing a replacement unit will be necessary.

Don’t ignore a water heater issue. Chances are it will only get worse as time passes and have the potential to cause damage to the home. If a new water heater is needed, be sure to shop around to make sure a good deal is found. Being informed and aware of common hot water heater issues can be beneficial and help them avoid serious problems with the system.

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