Telltale Signs That Your Littleton Sump Pump Should Be Replaced Soon

by | Oct 10, 2019 | Plumbing Services

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Basements and crawlspaces need to stay dry. Sump pumps accomplish this task easily and efficiently, assuming they are functioning correctly. If you have a sump pump in Littleton, take a look at the following telltale signs that you should replace your sump pump soon.

Sump Pump is Loud

You will hear some noise from your sump pump when it is operating normally. However, if the normal sounds coming from your sump pump suddenly and noticeably increase in volume, then you might have an issue developing. Louder performance usually means your pump is struggling and is a sign that you might want to get it replaced.

No Water in Sump Pump Pit

As your sump pump works, its pit will be collecting the water it handles. However, if no water is going into the pit while the pump is working, then you have a problem. The issue could be your pump’s connection to the drainage system or an improperly installed pump. It could also mean your pump needs replacing.

Sump Bump Is Blocked

Dirt and debris can find their way easily into sump pumps, especially those without lids. Too much contamination in your unit will clog it up and lead to the need for a sump pump replacement in Littleton.

Aging Sump Pump

You can reasonably expect to get about 10 years of good service from your sump pump, providing you maintain and service it regularly. If your pump is near or older than a decade, then you are definitely looking at sump pump replacement in Littleton in the near future. In the long run, it is better to get an old pump replaced now before it ends up quitting on you.

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