When To Hire A Professional For Water Pipe Repairs in Philadelphia

by | Jul 5, 2018 | Plumbing

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The water pipes of a home are one of the most frequently used components, yet families very rarely think about them unless an issue occurs. Rather than dealing with the frustration of broken and backed up pipes, be sure to contact a professional plumber as they will have the ability to restore operation of a plumbing system quickly. The following is a look at the various issues that will likely arise and when professional Water Pipe Repairs in Philadelphia are warranted.

Tree Root Blockages

One of the most common causes of a pipe blockage is a tree root, which grows into the wall of a sewer line and will allow waste to accumulate and lead to a full obstruction. There are commercially available products that claim to break up tree roots, but they often fail to clear the clog and restore normal operation completely. A plumber will use an auger device to break up any tree roots and ensure water flows freely.


Over time, the various gaskets that are used in a drain system will wear out and allow small amounts of water to escape. While the sewer lines running in a home are not under pressure, there is still a chance that they will leak and allow harmful gas fumes and waste to enter the interior of a house. Let a plumber remedy any leaks promptly to stave off potential health hazards and the formation of property damage.

Pipe Replacement

No matter what type of pipes are installed in a home, there will come a time when it will wear out and warrant replacement. When the frequency of Water Pipe Repairs in Philadelphia begins to rise, consider talking to a plumber about replacing all of the plumbing in a home. It not only prevents future problems, but it may also serve to help protect a home from various types of damage.

It is crucial to contact a plumber when leaks and other issues are noticed. The team at City Plumbing is standing by to offer support 24/7 and provides service for both residential and commercial contractors. Visit us online today to learn more and take the first step in keeping a plumbing system reliable.

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