3 Benefits of Professionally Installed Water Purification Systems

by | Apr 11, 2018 | Plumbing

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Many Dayton house hunters specifically search for charming older homes that include original details. Unfortunately, one of those details is often an on-site well that pumps hard water loaded with contaminants. That is why many homeowners rely on experts like to provide water filters. Technicians can test the water and provide custom Water Purification solutions. Filtered water is easier on plumbing and appliances and can reduce energy use. Soft water is also better for the skin.

Water Treatment Can Lower Energy Bills

A water softener can make appliances more efficient, which translates to reduced energy use. For example, studies show that a water heater uses almost 25% less energy to function with soft water than with hard water. The reason is that hard water causes scale buildup on pipes. It only takes a 1/16-inch buildup to reduce energy transfer by 12%. Since water heaters account for a huge amount of energy costs, Water Purification systems can often have a dramatic impact on utility bills.

Treated Water Extends the Life of Appliances and Pipes

Installing a water softener is important to keep home plumbing and appliances efficient. Untreated water can leave limescale that encourages pipe corrosion. Over time, the surfaces of pipes are eaten away, and homeowners need to have them replaced, which is expensive.

Over time, the minerals in untreated water also impact appliances and make them less efficient. Water can leave soap scum that accumulates, forcing homeowners to constantly scrub appliances. That can scratch surfaces and shorten the life of appliances like coffee makers and even washing machines. Minerals in water also affect the surfaces of bathroom fixtures, particularly bathtubs.

Soft Water Is Healthier for Skin

Homeowners often have water filtered to avoid skin problems. Minerals like calcium, iron; and magnesium are typically found in hard water and can lead to dry skin. Hard water also leaves the same film on a person’s skin that it produces on other surfaces. Untreated water has been linked to acne and dermatitis flare-ups. It can trigger eczema and even accelerate skin aging. All of these problems are easily prevented with a good quality, professionally-installed water softener.

Residential water treatment systems are popular because they can improve appliance efficiency and lower energy bills. Filtering systems extend the life of plumbing and prevent many skin problems. You can also watch video on their YouTube channel.

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