Trenchless Pipe Repairs in Findlay Ohio Let Homeowners Avoid Yard Excavation

by | May 4, 2016 | Plumbing

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Trenchless Pipe Repairs in Findlay Ohio allow homeowners to avoid having a big part of the front yard dug up when they need sewer pipe repair or replacement. Underground sewer pipes leading from an older home to the municipal pipe under the street are commonly made of concrete or clay. Although those materials are considered very suitable for this purpose, they can develop tiny cracks as years go by. Tree roots seek out those cracks because of the moisture and fertilizer in the sewer pipe. The roots can actually begin growing into the cracks and causing backups. Tree roots also can grow into the joints between sections. Eventually, after many years, the pipe may need to be repaired or need partial replacement if the problem becomes frequent.

The problem can also occur in newer homes with sewer lines constructed of plastic. Tree roots can’t grow into joints between plastic sections because those areas are glued together. However, like concrete and clay, plastic can crack when the ground shifts. Now it is vulnerable to roots seeking water and fertilizer.

When homeowners choose trenchless repair, workers from a company such as Bluffton Aeration Services Findlay Ohio essentially burrow underground to reach the pipe. The trenchless method is increasingly used for this type of work. Workers remove the old pipe by cutting and pulling it out and add new plastic material to replace it. They don’t dig up a large portion of the yard, which was the traditional way of doing this project.

Trenchless Pipe Repairs in Findlay Ohio may cost a bit more than older methods of doing these projects. Homeowners need to factor in associated costs involved with trench digging and excavation. For example, if the problem portion of the sewer pipe runs under any hardscaping in the yard, that concrete will need to be removed and the area repaved. That could mean replacing a sidewalk, patio or driveway. If any intricate landscaping is on top of the pipe, that may need to be dug up and later replaced. These tasks all cost additional money and time, and are inconvenient as well. They disrupt the appearance of the yard.

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