Things to Consider About Plumbing in San Diego

by | Apr 25, 2016 | Plumbing

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Most people take their plumbing for granted; as long as it works properly, it can be very easy to disregard. However, to avoid serious issues, it’s good for homeowners to learn about their plumbing. Below are several things to know about residential Plumbing in San Diego.

The Trap Isn’t a Jewelry Catcher

Although it’s a nice side benefit to having sink traps, this isn’t their intended purpose. Sink drains are connected to the sewer or septic system, which means noxious gases can get into the home. These gases can make people sick, and some are even explosive. Sink traps hold water that serves as a seal, blocking these gases and stopping sewer-dwelling creatures from getting into the home.

Water Seals May Evaporate

If there’s a bathroom in the home that is used infrequently, the seal mentioned above can evaporate, allowing those noxious gases into the home. If such a scenario exists, the homeowner should call a plumber to put in a primer to refill the seal automatically. As an alternative, the homeowner could pour mineral oil in the trap to reduce the risk of evaporation.

Know About Plumbing Vents

Those white vents on the home’s roof are known as plumbing vents. They allow air into the system, which lets water flow into the pipes. Without these vents, waste and water would drain very slowly, and noxious sewer gases would have nowhere to go.

Water Heaters Need Maintenance

Despite the importance of regular water heater maintenance, many homeowners put it off. However, this can be risk. The tank may become filled with sediment, and the anode rods may deteriorate. Elements may burn out, and the pressure release valve may not work. Having a yearly inspection and a thorough cleaning from a plumber can prolong the useful life of a water heater. Click here for more details about the experienced plumbing services in San Diego.

Good Plumbing is a Work of Art

Most people have a rather unfortunate stereotype of the average plumber, and everyone has heard a “plumber’s crack” joke or two. However, when the plumbing industry began, people respected the plumber’s job as protecting the health of the customer. Plumbing is a science and an art, and waste removal, ventilation and noxious gas protection are important skills. There are plenty of plumbers out there who have shed the old stereotypes, and the skilled professionals at Workright Plumbing are ready to help customers keep their Plumbing in San Diego sanitary and safe.

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