Is There Any Reason to Hurry With that Minor Faucet Leak Repair in Pittsburgh, PA?

by | Nov 30, 2016 | Plumbing

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A dripping faucet is not usually a reason for alarm. Unfortunately, the fact that the situation does not seem all that dire on the surface makes it easier to forget about it and put off calling a professional. In fact, that Faucet Leak Repair in Pittsburgh PA should be addressed now rather than later. Here are some of the reasons why time really is of the essence when it comes to repairing that leaking faucet.

There’s More Water Wasted Than the Homeowner Realizes

Everyone knows that a leaky faucet means water that’s wasted. What is not always so obvious is how much water is going down the drain. To get an idea, place the stopper in the drain and allow the faucet to leak for a couple of hours. Is the sink a quarter full of water at the end of that time? Multiply that over the course of a day or week and it becomes clear that quite a bit of water and money are going down the drain. Choosing to arrange for a Faucet Leak Repair in Pittsburgh PA stops the waste and ultimately prevents the water bill from becoming harder to manage.

If the money wasted is not particularly troublesome, consider the environmental impact. Water that goes down the drain without serving a useful purpose means more water that has to flow through filtration equipment for reuse. That expends more energy and other resources. Consider having the faucet repairs as one way to protect the environment and make better use of natural resources.

Stains in the Sink

The constant dripping of a leaky faucet can also damage the finish on many different types of sinks. While it may not be apparent now, that leak will wear down the finish and create thin spots that make the sink look dirty. No amount of cleaning will improve the appearance. At that point, the only solution is to fix the faucet and have the sink refinished. Wouldn’t it be better to repair the faucet now and avoid the expense of undoing the damage to the sink surface?

Stop the dripping today by placing a call to South Side Plumbing & Heating. A professional will visit the home and assess the condition of the faucet. In most cases, the repair can be completed quickly and without a lot of expense.

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