3 Reasons to Choose Radiant Floor Heating

by | Nov 21, 2018 | Heating Contractor

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It is becoming common for residents in colder states to choose radiant heating systems when they build new homes. The systems can be installed at any time but are less expensive to add during construction. They provide benefits that include energy savings. When clients choose Radiant Floor Heating, the warmth is supplied directly to the floor via heat transfer. Rooms are warmed using the same effect as a hot stove heating an area across a room. Systems are also known as floor heating and are nearly invisible. They provide clean, healthy heat.

Radiant Heat Is Comfortable

Many homeowners choose Radiant Floor Heating because it warms rooms comfortably and evenly. Heating is optimized to provide a sense of well-being. Because units minimize temperature differences between environments and people, they eliminate unnecessary temperature changes. Heating elements are under floors so residents enjoy the pleasant feeling of stepping on warm surfaces. Radiant heat eliminates the problem of cold tiles.

Invisible Systems Help Conserve Energy

Hydronic radiant floors are the most popular for home use. Equipment is installed under floors and is invisible when in use. Most homeowners use tile or ceramic flooring with the systems because those surfaces do not act as insulation, which makes heating equipment more efficient. Warmth is distributed evenly through tubing that is installed in a pattern under floors. Although initial installation expenses are higher than forced air, studies show that hydronic floor heating is 40% more energy-efficient. That translates into substantial energy savings over time.

Heating Systems Are Hygienic

Parents and homeowners with health conditions often research floor heating at sites like Southsideplumbingandheating.com. When customers compare options, they learn conventional heating systems warm homes by moving air through rooms. Over time, the duct systems collect irritants like mold, mildew, pet dander, and dust mites. Air becomes polluted and can lead to breathing problems. Forced air heating is especially damaging to allergy sufferers. Floor heating does not circulate air or generate smoke. Systems also help keep home moisture levels consistent.

Floor heating is popular because it produces healthy, comfortable warmth. Systems are installed under floors, so they are invisible. Under-floor tubing creates energy-efficient radiant heat that keeps floors warm. You can also like them on Facebook for more information.

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