What Steps Should Homeowners Take After Experiencing Flood Damage in Murrieta CA?

by | Aug 9, 2016 | Flood

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When flood waters enter a home, damage can quickly ensue. It is crucial homeowners know the steps they will need to take after their home experiences Flood Damage in Murrieta CA. Flood damage can worsen as time goes on. With this information, homeowners can be properly prepared so they can take care of their home and protect it from further damage in the process.

The first step one needs to take after flood damage occurs is to contact their insurance company and file a claim. The insurance company will assign an adjuster to the claim and the adjuster will be responsible for assessing the damage and offering a settlement. Some insurance policies pay for the cleanup and restoration process after a flood if the homeowner was covered by flood insurance. It is vital a homeowner checks with their insurance company to ensure the damages will be covered.

It is crucial the cleanup process begins as soon as possible. If the water is not removed and the humidity levels brought down within twenty-four hours, mold and mildew growth will begin. Mold and mildew can further cause damage and exacerbate the present problems with cleanup and remediation.

The first goal is removing standing water and then the team will concentrate on bringing down the humidity and assessing the damage in the home. Porous materials are often removed in the process because they are too damaged. The team will work to salvage what they can and inform the homeowner of what will need to be replaced.

Flood damage remediation is a complex process because it involves the full restoration of the home so it is brought back to the state it was before the flood waters hit. It is important homeowners do not attempt to take care of remediation themselves since floods can bring in raw sewage, parasites, and bacteria that can cause illness.

If you are a homeowner who has suffered Flood Damage in Murrieta CA, it is crucial you act promptly. Watergon helps homeowners clean up and restore their homes after flood waters have caused damage. Call them right away so they can help.

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