Using Plumbing Services To Unclog A Drain

by | Jan 4, 2016 | Plumbing

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When a drain is clogged within the home, there are a few things one can try before they need to call on Plumbing Services to come give them a helping hand. Dealing with a sink clog can be done with the help of a few household tools. Here are a few ways to try unclogging a sink.

Start by turning off the water supply. This will be helpful, so no one turns on the water adding to the water in the drain. A plunger can be used to try to dislodge any obstruction from within the pipes. This is done in the same manner as when plunging a toilet. If the clog becomes loose, the water will automatically go down the drain. Since there is no need to flush as there is with a toilet, this is a safe way to try to get a drain unobstructed without worry of overflowing water.

If water does not go down after plunging, using a plumber’s snake is the next step. Take the drain trap off the pipe in the sink and push the end of the metal snake into the hole. Unwind the snake so the metal pushes though the piping. This will help push any material out of the way, perhaps letting water drain as normal. If the clog is too large, the snake will not be able to be unwound in its entirety.

If snaking does not work, the P-Trap pipe can be removed. Place a bucket under this pipe and loosen the nuts with a wrench. Slowly move the pipe away from the rest of the system. Water will pour out into the bucket. Check the P-Trap for clogs and remove if one is found. If nothing is present, check the pipe going toward the wall for an obstruction.

If these methods do not work, the homeowner will want to call someone experienced with Plumbing Services. A company like Behle Inc. will send a professional plumber to the home to unclog the pipes safely and efficiently. They will be able to answer any questions about clogging as well as offer tips in how to keep a sink from clogging again in the future. You can also connect them on Facebook!

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