Three of the Most Common Plumbing Services Explained in Detail for You

by | Sep 6, 2019 | Plumbing

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Without plumbers, we wouldn’t have as much security in life as we currently do. We’d get sick a lot more frequently and live shorter lives. Thanks to the effort of professional plumbers who offer plumbing services in Glenwood Springs, CO, we’re able to live how we’ve grown accustomed – with working plumbing. Here are some common plumbing services in Glenwood Springs, CO.

Lining Sewers With New Interiors

Sewers are an essential part of every municipality’s infrastructure. Without them, no drainage or human waste could be carried to waste treatment facilities. Like all things, sewers break down eventually. They’re very expensive to replace, however. Sewer lining involves taking a large felt liner shaped specifically to the inside of the sewer being worked on with resin. The liner is then moved throughout the entirety of the sewer, essentially forming a new pipe within the sewer.

Cleaning Clogged Drains

Drains are very important to homes and buildings. Food waste, excrement, urine, and other waste flows through drains into sewers, ultimately ending up at water treatment facilities. This stuff can’t flow through clogged drains, which is a bad spot to be in. One of the most effective forms of drain cleaning is known as

hydro jetting,

which consists of pushing a long hose down drains and pumping water through it at very high pressures. The water then sprays out everything in drains, making them clean once more.

Residential Plumbing Leaks

If plumbing systems leak, your water bill can run through the roof. Further, structural damage can develop quickly due to constant exposure to moisture. These leaks are fixed by replacing broken pipes entirely or using tape to cover small leaks up. If broken pipes carry water flows of high pressure, they’re usually swapped for copper or otherwise metal pipes to prevent leaks from sprouting up in the future.

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