Red Flags Your Hot Water Heater Needs Professional Repairs in Rock Hill, SC

by | Oct 1, 2019 | Water Heater

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Red Flags Your Hot Water Heater Needs Professional Repairs in Rock Hill, SC

How Do You Know When Hot Water Repair is Necessary?

Is your hot water tap gushing cold water? Have you noticed unusual sounds coming from your hot water heater? Unfortunately, it sounds like you may have a problem on your hands. The good news? Our expert technicians are here to figure out what’s wrong and make speedy repairs.

Here are a few red flags that you need hot water heater repair in Rock Hill, SC:


Water leaks are a sure sign that something is wrong. If you notice water dripping from or puddling around your hot water heater, you should have repairs done right away. Putting off repairs can lead to bigger problems, like water damage.

Rust-Colored Water

Seeing brown or orange water coming from your taps can be alarming. Typically, this is caused by the rust inside the water heater.

Cold Water

Hot water heaters, like the name implies, are designed to produce hot water. If your water is coming out cold or lukewarm, it may mean that the heating element is going out.

Heater Is Getting Old

Water heaters don’t last forever. You can expect 8 to 12 years of life from a standard water heater. Older water heaters experience more issues and repairs than newer models.

Strange and Concerning Sounds

Your water heater should be relatively quiet. If you hear buzzing or banging, the heater needs to be evaluated and repaired.

Reliable Water Heater Repair in Rock Hill

Is your water heater on the fritz? Providence Plumbing Of The Carolinas is a full-service plumbing company serving Rock Hill. We’ll figure out exactly what’s wrong and offer reliable hot water heater repair in Rock Hill, SC. Contact them at

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