Plumbing Contractors in Weatherford TX Can Fix Your Kitchen Sink

Kitchen sink issues are a relatively common problem for homeowners, and they can be frustrating to deal with because the sink is one of the most-used fixtures in the home. If left untreated, problems with the kitchen sink can become serious and expensive. While minor issues can be done by a do-it-yourselfer, more in-depth problems require the help of Plumbing Contractors in Weatherford TX.

Parts and Problems of the Kitchen Sink

No matter how severe the problem is, knowing the basics of the kitchen sink makes it easier to diagnose the problem. The four primary components of most sinks are the faucet, the basin, the drain basket and the disposal. The most common issues encountered by homeowners are leaky faucets, clogged drains, leaky drain baskets and broken disposals.

Clogged/Leaky Faucets

For a faucet that’s leaky or clogged, the homeowner should check the aerator first. Remove it, and if there are solid particles in it, there may be a blockage in the faucet. Allow the water to run with the aerator off for a while, and put the aerator back on. If there’s still dripping, there may be an issue with the washer within the faucet. For homeowners who aren’t comfortable disassembling the faucet, Ace Repair Plumbing can be a great help.

Clogged Drains

Stopped-up drains are another widely seen issue, especially in sinks not equipped with garbage disposals. Food particles can easily become stuck in the pipe beneath the sink, causing improper drainage. Before calling the plumber, the homeowner can try using a drain cleaner or a plunger to remove the blockage. If these efforts fail, get professional help.

Leaky Drain Basket

The simplest and best solution here is to replace the entire drain basket. When choosing new parts, homeowners should consider that more expensive sets are typically made of higher quality, more durable materials.

Broken Disposal

Where a broken garbage disposal is concerned, the best thing to do is to reset it via a button located on the underside. If there are still issues, Plumbing Contractors in Weatherford TX can evaluate the disposal and determine whether repair or replacement is the best option.

Fixing kitchen sink issues are simple to do if one has the right tools and the knowledge of how plumbing fixtures work. However, poor repairs can cause further damage at significant expense. To prevent major problems, don’t hesitate to call Business Name in Weatherford TX for help on larger jobs.

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