Plumbers in Azle TX Help Customers Resolve and Prevent Sewer Backups

by | Sep 29, 2018 | Plumbing

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A household that has experienced a sewer backup will need everyone who lives there to consider their behavior regarding flushing toilets, showering and bathing, and doing the laundry. Plumbers in Azle TX know that backups commonly are caused by a combination of two factors. One is tree roots growing into the underground sewer pipe that connects with the municipal pipe. The second is the habitual flushing and draining of items that don’t belong in drain pipes and sewer pipes.

Items Not to Flush

It can be surprising for people when they first learn that tampons and sanitary wipes shouldn’t be flushed since the packaging says flushing is OK. Items like this can catch on tree roots, where they block other things from easily passing through the pipe. They don’t break down quickly or effectively, and tampons get bigger as they are saturated with liquid.

Lint and Hair Problems in Drains

Another possible issue includes allowing the washing machine to drain without a lint catcher in place. Setting up a sink so the water can drain through a strainer or a lint catcher attached to the hose is an ideal solution. Plumbers in Azle TX can complete this project. Now the household residents also have somewhere to soak soiled laundry for a pre-wash. A strainer also should always be used whenever somebody washes hair in a shower, bathtub or sink.

How Plumbers Fix the Problem

A sewer backup is an unfortunate and sometimes disgusting occurrence. A backup when a washing machine is draining isn’t so bad, but after a toilet was flushed, nobody wants to deal with that. A plumber with a company such as Ace Plumbing can use a mechanical snake and cutting device to chop up tree roots down the pipe and allow everything to flow smoothly again.

Following preventive measures in the future will help stop backups from happening again. One especially effective strategy is to have the plumber come in once a year and snake out the sewer pipe to keep it clear. Anyone who needs plumbing service for sewer issues may start with a website like website domain.

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