Eliminate Plumbing Failures Using Experienced Plumbing Contractors in Papillion NE

by | Oct 26, 2016 | Plumbing

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Faults in the plumbing can be a real problem, especially for property owners with little or no experience in this area. For instance, a leaking pipe can result in a lot of damage to construction materials if it isn’t repaired in time, but an inexperienced homeowner could cause even more expensive issues if they attempt to fix the problem on their own. The best solution in most cases is to have the issue rectified by experienced plumbing contractors in Papillion, NE as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, many issues are not readily visible such as leaking pipes inside walls or slowly growing clogs in the drains.

Clogs in the pipes can be a nuisance because they can cause drains to move slowly or prevent water from draining at all. Clogs tend to occur in one of two places. The first is the pipe traps, and the other is the main sewer line. Pipe traps or p-traps are those curved pieces of pipe found close to the actual drain. Their purpose is to hold a bit of water in the crook of the pipe and prevent the return of stinky sewer gases. Unfortunately, this also provides an area for junk to accumulate such as hair or food. Clearing this problem often requires the removal of the trap so the debris can be eliminated.

Problems in the sewer pipe can be more difficult to deal with because plumbing contractors in Papillion, NE must first locate the issue. One possibility is a crack in the pipe or a loose fitting that allows soil or roots to enter. Root issues can be challenging because the nutrient rich sewage enhances plant growth and this increases root growth. If the problem is a damaged pipe, then the plumber may be able to avoid replacement by using a trenchless repair. This is a quick fix that uses a sleeve inserted inside the damaged pipe.

Steps for repairing a leak will vary with its location and amount of damage. Some failures may require pipe replacement while others may be repairable by splicing or soldering. The actual fix will often depend on the type of piping used in the home. This is usually copper or a PVC (polyvinyl chloride) variant. Learn more about plumbing solutions from the experts at Jeff Mumm Plumbing Omaha NE.

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