Different Techniques Used for Leak Detection in Atlanta

by | Sep 13, 2021 | Plumbing

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Most of the home’s piping is buried behind walls and underneath the earth. This can make the chore of identifying a leak much more difficult. Because the leak is hidden, other means are used to identify the place where the leak is occurring. Modern detecting equipment helps plumbers target the area where the leak has developed. These are some of the ways a leak can be identified.

One of the means for Leak Detection in Atlanta is to look at the moisture levels inside the wall. This can be measured with a moisture meter. A high moisture level indicates the area where a deeper investigation must be done. Since leaks typically run downhill, the search may begin at the bottom of the wall. The meter is moved upward until levels drop off. The search maybe performed in a grid pattern on the suspected wall.

Another means of detection is to monitor temperature differences behind the wall. While the duct work will be fairly visible on this type of system, a potential leakage will also show up. The water acts as a cooling agent behind the walls. The leakage maybe identified by looking for cooler areas. These cool areas maybe smaller at the point of the leak and expand when moving down the wall as the water continues to drip and get absorbed in the material.

For sewage and underground piping, Leak Detection in Atlanta is performed with a thin camera which is snaked down the drains. The camera can visually see how the water is moving. Pipes in the cracks can be identified on the camera. Leakage can be visually seen as water progress through the pipe. While the areas can be identified, it is likely the entire piping run will have to be replaced. This is because sewer pipes are typically composed of really long sections of piping.

Identifying a leakage is possible is only a part of the process. The next step is to pinpoint a location to minimize how much damage has to be done to repair the problem. Check out for more leak detection techniques or to schedule an appointment to pinpoint the problem areas in the plumbing. For more information contact Go Rapid Inc on (770) 883-3997

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