Bath Plumbing Services in San Antonio TX Resolve Stubborn Drain Clogs

by | Sep 7, 2016 | Plumbing

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A clogged drain is a common problem for homeowners. A stubborn clog in a bathtub or shower drain can be resolved by a plumber providing Bath Plumbing Services in San Antonio TX. The plumber approaches the problem in various ways. Conservative methods are used first, but they may not work. Some dismantling of the plumbing may be necessary in that case.

The plumber may begin with a plunger that’s designed for drain clearing. It’s similar to plungers used in toilets, but the handle is shorter. If this doesn’t clear the clog and get the water flowing again, an auger may do the trick. A plumber’s auger is directed down the pipe until it reaches the blockage, and then should be able to blast through. The plumber also may be able to maneuver the head of the auger around the clog and pull it up and out. However, the most stubborn obstructions may continue causing slow-draining water after this effort.

A plumber providing Bath Plumbing Services in San Antonio TX next considers how to reach the inside of the pipe. The home’s original design should allow for access, even if it’s not obvious to the home’s residents. If the bathtub or shower wall is back-to-back with another bathroom, access may be relatively easy through that room’s plumbing. It also may be possible to reach the drain through the basement plumbing. The worker needs to take some of the pipes apart using specialized tools and then locate the blockage.

In a bathtub or shower drain, the usual culprit is hair. If there’s no strainer built in over the drain, the home’s residents must use a removable one or risk having large amounts of hair accumulating and getting stuck in the drain pipe or sewer pipe. The hair tends to include oils, shampoo, and conditioner, which aggravate the situation. In addition, mineral in water can create hard limescale in that hair clog, making the blockage very difficult to resolve. A contractor such as San Antonio Plumbing Co. can eliminate the existing problem, after which the home’s residents can easily prevent any future issues with that strainer device. Visit the website for more information on this particular company.

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