3 Common Residential Plumbing Issues

by | Mar 27, 2018 | Plumbing

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If you own a home, you may already be aware that there are certain types of upkeep that you will need to perform and problems you may have to deal with during the life of your house. Your plumbing in Marietta, Georgia might require maintenance and repair of several common issues. If you are wondering which problems are especially likely to leave you needing help from a local plumber, consider watching for signs of the following:

1. Clogged Pipes

A single clogged pipe might not always be difficult to deal with. In some cases, a plunger may be all you need. Severe clogs, however, might require expert help. A main sewer line clog is a potentially serious situation that will need to be handled by a professional. If you have noticed that you have multiple drains backed up at the same time, you might need to call a plumbing service to look at your main sewer line.

2. Water Leaks

Your plumbing in Marietta, Georgia allows you to have consistent access to running water. What if your house experiences a water pipe break? If you notice any telltale signs that your home may be developing water leaks, it is best to get the situation addressed immediately. In some cases, minor water leaks might progress to full pipe breaks if left unresolved. Fortunately, a professional plumber should be able to fix the issue.

3. Septic Issues

If your house has its septic tank, you will need to make sure that you treat this system well. Before flushing any objects or using any harsh cleaners, do some research to make sure that these things are safe for your tank. Also, try to get your septic tank pumped by a professional plumber whenever necessary.

Your plumbing in Marietta, Georgia is vital to the convenience of your everyday life. To help protect it, keep an eye out for issues such as clogged pipes, water leaks, septic troubles and more. Visit website for more information.

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