Tips to Maintain Garbage Disposal System After Garbage Disposal Repair in Conyers, GA

by | May 25, 2022 | Plumbing

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Garbage disposal is the most convenient and dependable appliance in every home. However, it comes with plumbing fixtures that need regular garbage disposal repair in Conyers, GA. Still, people fail to maintain this appliance after repair, which leads to more permanent damages.

Use it Regularly

Once you have started using the garbage disposal, it’s important to keep using it rather than storing it. This is because storage can lead to rusting, which can cause systematic damage to the appliance. In fact, you will have to replace the metal fixtures, which can be extremely expensive. So, use the garbage disposal regularly and keep its parts moving.

Use Cold Water

Once the repairs are complete by garbage disposal services, you should keep using cold water to flush down the food waste. This is because the hot water can soften the grease, fats, and oils in the pipes, resulting in clogs. So, stick to cold water and keep the pipes clean. Lastly, you must not use chemical drain cleaners in the appliance as they can damage the internal pipes.

Don’t Overload

Many people think that once the garbage disposal is clean, they can dispose of anything without considering the load. Irrespective of your appliance’s capacity, you should not put in more than a cup of debris after garbage disposal repair in Conyers, GA. This is because it can overburden the appliance, resulting in permanent damage, such as motor failure.

In addition to this, you should only use the garbage disposal for food scraps, which is why you should avoid putting in animal bones, oils, grease, and fat. Lastly, you should always grind rice and spaghetti because they can expand and clog the appliance.

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