Three Affordable Options When Your Sewer Line Is in Need of a Repair

by | Jul 30, 2019 | Plumbing

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A typical residential sewer line lasts for about 50 years. However, invasive tree roots, shifting of the soil, or nearby utility work could shorten that lifespan. Hard water and improper flushing of materials down the drain could also shorten the sewer’s life expectancy. A team of professional plumbing contractors in the Jonesboro, AR, area may recommend one or more of these three options when your sewer line needs a major fix.

Pipe Relining

Sewer pipe relining is one option that plumbing contractors in Jonesboro, AR, can perform for you when your sewer line needs some repairs. This is a repair that restores full functionality to the sewer. If some rust has developed on the inside of the sewer pipe, then relining may be the answer. The relining process requires about one day’s worth of work. It can be done as a trenchless project, so your yard will not have to be fully excavated.

Point Repair

A video inspection of the sewer could pinpoint exactly where in the pipe a repair is needed. A point repair involves excavating at the point of failure of the pipe. This can be done for a pipe that is offset or cracked in just one section. The damaged area is removed and replaced with a new section of sewer pipe. This process is usually completed in just one day.

Complete Excavation and Replacement

In some cases, a total excavation and replacement could be needed for your home’s sewer line. This could be the case if the sewer has burst or if it has a major crack beyond the scope of a smaller point repair. A pipe that has corrosion or rust throughout the interior or exterior may also need to be fully replaced. If the pipe is offset in multiple locations, a replacement of the entire length of pipe may be needed. This larger process takes a few days.

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